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Recommendations & Reviews

Madoka H. , Parent - My son had an amazing first training today. He loved it and the small group class gave plenty of personal attention, and full of great advices. Definitely booking more training sessions!

Jordan Farr, Indy Eleven - Goalkeeper;
I’ve been playing soccer my whole life, and I have been blessed to be able to in play in college and now for Indy 11. With all my experience as a soccer player, I can say that the best thing you could ever do for yourself is to get touches on the ball. Working specifically on first touch, passing, shooting, and dribbling. 

Sogility uses a machine called Toca to help achieve this feat. There’s no other place in Indiana where you can get varied (hight of ball, speed, direction,frequency) and high quality service over 300 times in an hour.

Sogility also has a section of the facility dedicated to a gym, provided by IFast (arguably the best sport specific training in the nation), where an athlete can work on specific lifts and movements that cater to their desired position or area of improvement in their game. Then go and translate it directly on the field.

On top of that you have a dedicated staff (including Jon Busch, MLS goalkeeping legend) and leadership team absolutely devoted to making this experience not only enjoyable but valuable. 

I plan on using their services not only in the off season but in season as well. 

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this place as I have.