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The next one


Where will the next major American soccer star be born? Sogility provides the answer to that question. There are clubs, trainers, and programs that are available for the masses. What have been the results? For the men, failure to qualify for World Cups, Olympic games and the ever growing challenge of become a contender.

For great players, talent is in their blood. Great soccer players still need to sharpen their skills, develop new ways to beat opponents and continually find ways to succeed. Players aspiring to reach the next level need Sogility. Our programs help you play better soccer.

Sogility provides a unique way to bring the entire scope of player development under one roof. It’s combined approach by using the TOCA Touch Trainer designed by Eddie Lewis (Former USMNT, 2 World Cups), coupled with soccer specific athlete development makes the perfect setting for a player to reach their highest ability.

Sogility brings the tools to build better soccer players together. The creation of an indoor soccer facility designed with player safety and development in mind. We’ve brought IFAST on-site with our exclusive athletic development suite. For our goalkeepers, Sogility is the official home of Jon Busch Goalkeeping. Decades of experience being the best.

Our ambition is simple.

Sogility Builds Better Soccer Players.


”What an amazing facility! Alex, the manager, gave me a tour. Very clean and top of the line equipment. You can tell they truly want the best for their athletes! Highly recommend.”

D. Belcher, parent

“I brought my 10 year old to Sogility and was really impressed at the technology that was being used to help with training. I am all about getting my son touches on the ball whenever and wherever possible. Sogility offers a wide range of drills/training options for just that. I definitely recommend it!”

S.Siegel, parent

”My son had an amazing first training today. He loved it and the small group class gave plenty of personal attention, and full of great advices. Definitely booking more training sessions!”

M. Hodgson, parent


Why Toca?

Anyone that has been around the game knows how important the first touch is for success in the game.“Toca” means touch. The TOCA trainer is the perfect system to deliver over 500 touches an hour. That’s over 10,000 touches in under 24 hours of training.

The trainer allows you to develop and transform your game from your first touch on the ball. Mastering the first touch will open up your ability to impact a match. Imagine moving the ball with great precision allowing you to control and feel the game from the first touch.

The trainer is ready when you are. Precision passing, customized training programs, and technology that will push you to the limits is just the beginning. Become a master of your first touch and more.

the process

The most common question is, “Where do I start?”. Each player is different. That means the path to excellence looks different for each person that comes to Sogility. We will walk with you through this journey.

Our certified TOCA instructors will do an initial evaluation based on what the athlete wants to improve. After the initial evaluation a recommendation on frequency, type of training and a personalized development plan will be created. That leaves the last question for you to answer.


pitch perfect

the foundation where better soccer players are built


SP 14 “Shock Pad”

Brock USA’s “shock pad” is just the first piece of the puzzle. Each pad is uniquely made to ensure maximum safety.

We use the SP 14 pad in our facilities. Our field sets the standard for safety, speed and impact performance in the region, if not the country..

Learn more about the safety and technology of our field by visiting Brock USA.

Fast Grass AT755

SportTurf provides a non-rubber infilled turf that tests at the highest on wear and resistance of any model made to date.

This turf gives you a “true ball roll” of a traditional rubber-filled turfed, without the added health risks. No rubber means cleaner air, up 10% cooler temps and the most realistic feel of any non-natural surface.

Learn more by visiting SportTurf.

Eliminate The Risk

Sogilitys fields are then hand-sewn together before being glued down. The seamless design assures all players a perfect surface each and every time they take the field.

Sogility has the safest field from the ground up in the region. We took every measure to ensure our athletes have the best.

The best starts from the ground up at Sogility.