Sogility builds the best by bringing you the best. Discover your best athlete with our dedicated athlete development programming by IFAST. Recognized as one of the nation’s top gym’s by Men’s Health Magazine, IFAST has made their newest home with us at Sogility.

Everybody is different but the mindset is shared. Combine IFAST’s development process with Sogility’s TOCA Touch training systems and you have a facility & staff that are dedicated to bringing out the best in your abilities.

At IFAST, our goal is to help your child become a complete soccer player.

One that is not only powerful and explosive, but one that is also resilient prepared for the rigors of high-level soccer.

At IFAST, we use a three-step process to build better athletes:

  1. We assess your child’s body in both an orthopedic and sport-specific environment.
    Our goal is to figure out how your child moves, along with their strength and weaknesses, so that we can create a program custom-built for them.

  2. We build an individualized program that is designed specifically for them.
    The needs of soccer players can vary widely depending on the position they play. We will create a program that takes into account their goals as an athlete, while combining them with the specifics elements they need to take their athletic performance to the next level.

  3. We get them in the gym and coach them up!
    The best program on paper does nothing without proper coaching. With a keen eye on the details of every movement, we make sure that your child is getting the absolute most out of every set and every rep.

IFAST doesn’t need to speak about their success on and off the pitch. Check out what the pros say.


Danny O'Rourke

“The IFAST team will do anything possible to keep me on the pitch.”

Thanks to Mike and everyone at IFAST, not only am I feeling better than I’ve felt in years, but I’ve been blessed with a team that will do anything possible to both keep me on the pitch and to improve my game.

11-year MLS veteran


Lori Lindsey

Continually honing my fitness regimen

The thing that has always drawn me to Mike is what sets him apart: his relaxed demeanor while maintaining unceasing intensity and dedication to his field. He’s in constant learning mode, which serves to position him at the forefront of the industry.

Former USWNT Player


David Tenney

I would recommend any professional club in the area to utilize their services.

Mike Robertson and his staff are, in my opinion, one of the very top strength and conditioning and performance enhancement groups in the Midwest.

Former High Performance Director, Seattle Sounders