Affordable TOCA Training to Improve Your Touch!


THE 4-3-3

Multi-Pack Savings



15-minute introduction to TOCA with a Sogility certified trainer. Take up to 150 touches. The first step to developing your training program.

Package: $15.00 evaluation session

Package of Four 30 minute sessions coached by a Sogility certified trainer. Train privately or bring up to 2 Friends.

Package: $150.00 one time purchase ($30.00 off single session price)

5 packs are $43/session, 10 packs are $40/session and 15 packs are $38/session. Save 5% - 15% based on plan selected.

Packages Includes: 30 minute sessions with Sogility certified trainer privately or up to 2 friends

45 Minute Athletic Development session with IFAST and 30 minutes of TOCA training. Limited to 3 players per group.

Package: $75/session or a 5 Pack for $337.50 (Save 10%!)

Trainer and session availability subject to studio availability. We encourage our clients to book at least 24 hours in advance. Need assistance? Call 317-399-7914.

hyper focused soccer training


“Kicking tennis balls in a garage”. That is where it all began if you ask Eddie Lewis, retired USMNT & professional player. TOCA provides players the opportunity to hone their craft in a unique and effect way. Listen to the story and start your journey today.

change your game

We have all heard of the 10,000 hour rule. Do something for 10,000 hours and you become an expert. Experts change the way things are done. TOCA changes you from the first touch all the way to the pitch. When was the last time you had 10,000 touches on the ball after a week of training?

no “off” days

Purpose built training that provides 1,000’s of touches. TOCA is the only trainer that is ready anytime you are! Coaches cancel, weather cancels, TOCA never cancels on you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the TOCA trainer is ready to pick up where you left off.