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Sogility is EXTREMELY EXCITED to partner with Elite Skills area t0 bring a whole new level of technology driven training to our players.


ICON – A 360-degree arena developed with the mantra of ‘Repetition – Accelerates – Performance’. There most popular product with professional clubs. ICON arenas can be stacked to create the ICON Legacy. The product ranges in size from 4M to 12M in diameter.

ICON Fast Feet – Essentially a ‘mini ICON’, the circular Fast Feet has been aimed at maximising small spaces. The Fast Feet is 2.5M in diameter.


ICON V2 – The ICON V2 was a new development from the original product featuring four new training panels, including a press panel. It has been designed so customers can purchase the extra panels to add onto their ICON, adding additional game realistic elements.

PRECISION WALL – the state of the art vibration technology, the Precision Range provides advanced performance training in both individual and team settings. The Precision Range includes the Precision Wall, a full-sized goal with 28 targets and the Precision Goal, a smaller handball/6-a-side goal with 9 targets.

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