This is a place to make mistakes, learn, try new things, and get better without the pressure of “messing up.” Remember that. We are here for YOU.

Your TOCA session is highly customizable. If there is something you want to work on, or suggestions you have from coach, let us now. If you want a guided session, that’s fine too. Mostly, bring a great attitude and be ready to have some fun.

Almost everyone starts with a 30 minute session & builds to the 60 minute sessions over time. Either way your touch and confidence will improve.

Our certified TOCA instructors will provide you feedback and make suggestions for training content and frequency depending on your goals and the time of year. We keep notes on your training progress and suggest you do the same.

Flats or shoes with little nubs work best, but regular soccer cleats work fine too.

Trainer and session availability subject to studio availability. We encourage our clients to book at least 24 hours in advance.

Need assistance? Call 317-399-7914.