Three Keys To Choosing A Soccer Club...

Soccer Families,

I’ve been a soccer dad for at least 15 years, more if you count time that overlaps. My experience in that role runs the gamut. Early on it was Friday night sessions at Dynamo FC, where I had to hold my daughter’s hand. Then it was travel. My second daughter, in the words of one coach “had no passion for the game,” to which she readily agreed. So the one who felt she should be able to wear whatever color socks matched her mood left the game early.

Later it was youth recreational leagues and travel soccer. Now its Division 1 , travel, indoor, futsal, CYO and high school. And that is supplemented with soccer in the basement, beach soccer, soccer in the street, and futsal on turf at Sogility. I enjoy them all. Each has something different to offer my love and understanding of the game.

We see a lot of players, and we talk to a lot of families about selecting the best club.

As we move into spring and tryouts are quickly approaching, our recommendation is that three things are important to selecting a soccer club:

1) A coach you respect and will play hard for;

2) Developing as a player; and

3) Having fun.

Every club has a unique feel, style, and points of emphasis. We see players from every club in the metro area at Sogility. Our focus is on their development, helping them improve or perfect elements of their game. This is the essence of building better soccer players and our hope that by positively impacting player development, we’ll throw a rock in the talent pool not just in our area, but in this country and so support a love for the game that can be passed on for generations.

Until next time -

Chris McGrath, Founder

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