Rezzil VR arrives at Sogility!

Sogility announced the installation of the Rezzil VR system at its location in Westfield, Indiana. 

"Technology driven soccer training helps players develop in less time and with less wear and tear on their bodies," said Chris McGrath, Sogility's Founder. "Adding Rezill's VR shows our commitment to technology driven soccer training and we are excited to take the lead and be a part of Rezzil's North American expansion. The Rezzil system will be a second secret player development weapon for our player clients." Sogility also offers TOCA training.

Rezzil's VR Training and Cognitive Development Program, powered by Mi Hiepa, runs a series of compact, measurable drills. Rezzil players interact with a virtual ball using natural soccer movement patterns. With thousands of "natural movement" data points, the VR training helps create a 'snapshot' of player's wellness, cognitive capabilities, and skill levels. Sessions are about thirty minutes long. There are no 'learning curves' to the drills; the conditioning practices intelligently adapt to the capabilities of each player to maximize the session.

The system can also simulate game environments, and is valuable for concussion detection and rehabilitation. 

Players can train year round and track their results. At the end of each session, Rezzil provides players a single, easy to understand score, which helps to track performance over time, and to create individual development plans. 

For more information about training on the Rezzil system or at Sogility contact Sogility at 317.399.3914 or visit For more information about Rezzil, visit

Chris McGrath