Making A Difference

"We can't win the World Cup unless something changes."  This is what went through my mind at full time when I watched the USMNT lose to Trinidad & Tobago in October 2017.    

I'd been thinking of starting an indoor soccer place for a while when I discovered Eddie Lewis, a former USMNT player.  He invented the TOCA Machine.  It serves up to 500 repeatable, high quality balls per hour.  It sends them on the ground, in lobs, and straight shots in the air, at 5 different speeds, 9 different intervals, and 5 different angles.  You can use it by yourself, with a trainer, with a trainer and a couple friends, or just you and a couple friends.  Its run on an app, and from the app you can see your training.  Its motivating, fun, a great workout.  

First touch is everything.  Players who can control the ball naturally are more aware.  They can see more opportunities, pick the best ones.  First touch makes executing the second--a shot, a pass--a move--all the better.  

In his book Outliers, The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell talked about the "10,000 Hour Rule," the theory that repeatedly practicing the right way was the key to world class success.  I believe that there are some other factors in play, but Gladwell is correct in that repeatedly doing something the right way can make you better.  

I've been playing on the machine since September.  In 45 minutes I can get about 240 touches, and I get a good workout.  I have to do that to keep up with the kids I coach, the son I raise, and the pounds I fight.    

I discovered that I wanted to build a place that makes soccer players better.  So I created Sogility, a place where players can train with TOCA. They can also train with IFAST and make their bodies stronger, with Jon Busch and become a better goalkeeper, or Brad Ring to become a better field player.  And have fun all along the way.  

"That," I remember thinking, "could make a difference."  

Chris McGrath - Founder

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