"Mistakes have the power to turn YOU into something Better" - Anonymous

Mistakes…and moving on.

“Forget it. Move on.” That’s what we say and hear a lot when we make a mistake, see someone make a mistake. Sometimes coaches say that. No one wants to goof up, especially when we’re trying hard, pushing for a result, trying to contribute or improve.

The sentiment is correct: leave the mistake in the past. Don’t dwell on it; if you do you “play in the past” and let it affect your performance.

But there are a couple of steps before you forget about it. First, is recognizing you made one. Second is admitting it. Third, and most importantly is learning--determining what you can do better when the next opportunity presents itself. Then, with the lesson learned, move on. Slipping through this process quickly is important.

Not all mistakes matter much, but each is an opportunity to learn, to improve. To learn how building better soccer players occur in a mistake friendly, club neutral environment, check out www.sogility.net.

Until next time -

Chris McGrath, Founder