Dear Soccer Player...

Dear Soccer Player:

Would you invest six hours (or four games of time) of honest effort to improve your game? At Sogility, we discovered a super fun, super effective way to get better. In less time.

Imagine if you had more time to think on the pitch. What options would you exploit, which ones would you not? Do you know the “right thing” to do but can’t a) get your feet to do it quickly enough or b) get it done right in the time available?

It isn’t magic, it’s does not work over night, and it requires effort and desire. But if you’re willing, you can use this secret weapon to improve your game in a short period of time. Supplement your training with this state of the art stuff, and your game will improve.

TOCA” means “touch.” And first touch is everything. But not for the reason you think. Sure, it can help you improve or come up with some mad moves, sick strikes, and spot on passes. First touch is everything because it allows you MORE TIME. More time to SENSE what’s going on, ASSESS options, and pick not jus the one in front of you, but the BEST option.

Each Sogility TOCA session starts with a question: “What do you want to work on?”

It can be something from a prior session, what your coach suggested, or something you know or want (deep down) you need to get better at. You and your trainer, then build up that skill (sometimes more than one in a session)!. You’ll get 500 perfectly delivered balls in an hour session (the average 11 v. 11 game has 22 touches in that time!).

What will your result be? The game will slow down, you’ll see better opportunities, be better equipped to exploit them. You’ll play with more confidence.

Until next time - Chris McGrath, Founder

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