Dear Soccer Parents...

Dear Parent:

I’ve spent thousands of hours on the pitch as a player, parent, coach and soccer team owner. Consider this perspective on practice.

THE WORLD OF SPORTS TRAINING IS CHANGING. Futurist Richard van Hooijdonk categorized the dramatic gains in athletic performance that can be gained from the use of wearables, studying genetics, data analytics and virtual reality.

I started my career in auto racing when data analysis was just beginning to penetrate the sport. Those who had the most up to date technology had improved car and driver performance at rates that far outpaced opponents.

Last year, I discovered a way for players to significantly improve their skills in less time. I was skeptical of a ball delivery machine and a size 2 ball, so I traveled to TOCA and tried it out. We opened Sogility six months later.

Since then, we’ve been tracking our players’ performance. Parents seem to notice their kids are “playing better.” Players, call the session “FUN,” and later on relate that they have more confidence, and are able to read and impact the game more effectively. Coaches notice that the player’s speed of play (and THOUGHT) picks up.

These are the results of hyperfocused soccer training at Sogility. In training, ball service is subject to field and weather conditions, and a bad strike. In a TOCA studio all those variables are removed. The ball gives feedback, and the trainer simply focuses on helping the player improve.

A player touches the ball about 22 times in an 11 v. 11 match. In a TOCA session, players can see 400-500 perfectly served balls per hour. Sogility trainers work on skills specific to the position, incorporate shielding, moves, passing, shooting, SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness) and cardiovascular elements, and more, involving the player and his or her coach in the process.

We see these gains after about 2000–3000 touches. Meaning, in about 5–6 hours. Are 5 hours of fun worth the investment? Come on in and check it out.

Until next time,

Chris McGrath - Founder

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