Dear Soccer Coach...

Dear Coach…

We all know that players need to practice outside team training. Sogility provides a platform for players to improve in a short amount of time so that when they train, they can work on what makes them better as a team.

THE WORLD OF SPORTS TRAINING IS CHANGING. Data analytics, virtual reality hyperfocused on accelerating player technical development.

I played soccer starting at age 12, and my career included club, ODP, college, indoor, coaching, and team ownership. However, I started my career in auto racing when data analysis was just beginning to penetrate that sport. Those who had on board systems improved car and driver performance at rates that far outpaced opponents.

Last year, I discovered a way for players to significantly improve their skills in less time. I was skeptical of a ball delivery machine and a size 2 ball, so I traveled to TOCA and tried it out. We opened Sogility six months later. You can look at other articles or call me to discuss the benefits of this training.

The bottom line is: MODERN TRAINING TECHNOLOGY IS HERE, and more of it is coming. Those who embrace it set themselves up to be great coaches in the future. Adherence to old technology and methods will not generate the same result.

Some coaches believe that Sogility’s hyperfocused soccer training, displaces them or takes away their revenue. That’s not true. OUR PLATFORM IS OPEN TO YOU. Work with us as a doctor would a specialist by referring players to us and we’ll build them for you. Come in, and work with individuals or your team on your own.

Until next time - Chris McGrath, Founder

Referral and shared training revenue opportunities are available. Reach out for more information.

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